Things You Need To Know About Article Marketing

So is article marketing worth the time and effort? The answer is of course, yes! It is still an effective part of an SEO strategy if done right. Attempting to publish the same article repeatedly on various sites on the web will likely do more harm than good to search rankings. It is much better to publish a variety of articles to high quality article distribution sites than to attempt to publish the same article to hundreds of different low quality sites. No doubt, when it comes to content and search engines, the key is quality over quantity. Many companies choose to outsource tasks like article marketing to internet marketing firms because they simply do not have the time or resources to do it right.

It is important to be sure that any internet marketing firm that you partner with is knowledgeable in all areas of internet marketing and SEO. The social media influence on search is no secret and should be taken into consideration in all areas of internet marketing including article marketing. Content must be produced, updated and changed based on the needs and wants of customers and with the social media boom, customers are more involved than ever in the online marketing world.

Article marketing involves publishing content in a variety of places on the web. Do not settle for just sending articles to article directories. Publishing good content should include more than just articles. Do not forget about publishing content and articles other places. Blogging is another powerful tool to include in SEO. Articles on a blog are often shorter and published more frequently than those used in article marketing. All content helps search sites like Google and time should be taken by any company with a website to have good a strong content strategy.

So, should articles be written strictly for search engines or should they be aimed at the readers? The correct answer is still both. Article marketing used to consist of writing keyword filled articles that were hardly readable and then distributing them all over the web. Duplicate content filters have put a stop to articles being published over and over on multiple sites. And, the search engines have wised up to the keyword filled articles that no human would read. Nowadays, both the search engines and readers are looking for good quality content and lots of it. Article titles and anchor text are beneficial to search engine results for sure, but it is also important to produce articles that are interesting and informative to readers who may be potential customers.

So, the bottom line is that creating good content including quality articles for article marketing is a must. Do not waste the time of your staff in this area if they are not able to produce the quality content that gets results. You will most likely get a much bigger bang for your buck if you outsource this area to a company that specializes in SEO that can get the job done right for you. This way, company owners and staff can focus on the business they do best and leave the internet marketing to the experts.